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Coheris Analytics Liberty
Business Intelligence and Reporting software

The Business Intelligence solution anyone can use!

Coheris Analytics Liberty gives business lines autonomy to easily create interactive reports to analyze and monitor their activity. It helps business managers make faster and accurate decisions.
Business expertise can be reused by BI experts and become the functional basis to build analytical applications that will be deployed by IT for end-users.

An integrated BI solution to explore, analyze and broadcast

Coheris Analytics Liberty completes a perfect synthesis between agile solutions for businesses and BI platforms for enterprise applications.

Any manager from any department (marketing, financial, business, HR, etc.) needs to:

  • Follow-up regularly the activity performance.
  • Analyze results and identify the success key factors.
  • Share analyzes and make meaningful decisions.

Coheris Analytics Liberty gives a manager the power to focus on the business analysis and make justified decisions, thanks to:

  • An intuitive interface ensuring fast adoption by users.
  • A significant agility in data discovery, instant data visualization, graphical reporting and the ability to gather key information in dashboards.
  • A greater autonomy at all levels: from various data sources collection to results release through a portal.

A Business Intelligence offer built on two central elements:

Data Discovery & Data Mining

  • Data Discovery is a data exploration process that aims at discovering hidden models and trends. It provides users on-time data analyses.
  • Data Mining allows segmenting data, analyzing trends, finding connections and predicting the future by studying the past.

Datavisualisation & Data Storytelling

  • Datavisualisation is a type of attractive visual communication used to represent data through graphics illustrations that promote understanding
  • Data Storytelling is the art of highlighting and interpreting data using attractive means like telling a dynamic and understandable story to all with interactive dashboards.

Both communication methods are compatible and closely related to highlight a message. This allows users to captivate attention of their interlocutors who will be quickly able to get the conveyed information.

Coheris Analytics Liberty: Business Intelligence Software Benefits

  • Connection to any data sources (relational, OLAP, column-oriented, Big Data).
  • Discovery / data exploration.
  • Data matching / reconciliation.
  • Analysis and Data Mining (integration of Coheris Analytics SPAD technologies and a simplified use).
  • Reporting, effective, relevant and striking dashboards.
  • Datavisualisation, use of graphics to present and communicate data.
  • Ability to create real infographics.
  • Data Storytelling, to display and tell data via the creation of interactive and, dynamic presentation connected to data.


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