Coheris Cloud

Coheris’ simple, fast and efficient Cloud

Coheris Cloud meets the new challenges of companies

Companies are constantly seeking to be more efficient and responsive, while maintaining strict control over their expenses, cloud computing has quickly established itself as a solution that meets the challenges of flexibility and cost control of the information system.

Coheris offers its customers a growing number of its solutions in hosted, reliable and scalable mode, to support them in their evolution.

Thanks to Coheris’ Cloud offer, you benefit from agile solutions that cover all the functional needs of customer relationship management: sales force management, customer service, marketing.
Simple and efficient, the Cloud offer allows you to deploy a ready-to-use solution very quickly, without having to capitalize on the related infrastructure costs.

Cloud, scalable and reversible offers

In order to support your company, Coheris’ Cloud solutions are designed to be reversible and thus adapt to any evolution that may occur in your organizations.

Another example is that a customer who has launched a cloud pilot on some of the target users will be able to repatriate the cloud solution to their data center once the decision is made to extend the pilot to the entire division concerned.

This reversibility between Cloud and On Premise solutions ensure our customers the greatest flexibility of deployment, both in terms of infrastructure and investment, and allows them to adapt to any organizational evolution.

Cloud, a secure solution

We provide you with a secure technical infrastructure that offers you a high level of confidentiality, reliability and availability.