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Since 1995, Coheris has built trusting relationships with over 1,000 companies and communities in France and around the world. Its solutions used by 95% of CAC 40 companies are implemented in 80 countries. As a leading provider of CRM and Analytics solutions, Coheris places actionable knowledge at the core of uses and business strategies. Coheris relies on a large network of integrator and consulting partners as well as in-house experts to provide customers operational, analytics and predictive solutions in favor of their performances.

Coheris group offers two ranges of solutions in two compatible areas that are Customer Relationship or CRM (sales, marketing, customer service, customer intelligence) and Business Intelligence or BI (analytics, monitoring, data mining).

CRM solutions to implement your customer strategies

As a service provider to over 1,000 companies in every business sector, Coheris CRM Suite has become a French benchmark in customer relationship. Coheris CRM is fully consistent with the different business logic while meeting operational and analytical needs from call centers to multichannel marketing campaigns through B2B and B2C sales management.

Coheris also addresses the specific needs of industrialists that sell products via mass retail or specialised distribution networks (B2B2C). Coheris CRM Nomad maximises the work of mobile sales reps when visiting point of sales and increases the efficiency of sales and marketing management. In addition to this vertical solution, Coheris CRM Merch addresses merchandising issues and supports category manager strategy.

A comprehensive and accessible Analytic offer

Coheris Liberty – a complete platform to quickly develop analytic applications – allows the whole company to leverage BI potential. It combines BI technologies (interactive reports, multidimensional analysis, dashboards, etc.) with a specific business logic and an intuitive browsing to build business applications accessible to non-experts. The end user performs BI without noticing it!

Predictive analysis enriches classic analytic approach. Coheris SPAD data mining solution allows building predictive models from advanced statistical methods. Examples of concrete applications include customer population segmentation, purchasing behaviour analysis, financial risk assessment or fraud detection.

Effective support for your projects

To implement its solutions, Coheris works with a network of integrator partners that supply specialised teams for CRM and BI projects who can intervene across the world. Nevertheless, our in-house Professional Services team can carry out our products integration.

We do believe in the critical significance of support for your projects to succeed. Regardless of the project leader, our specialised consultants know how to provide project management support, product expertise to the integration team, guidance, etc. Coheris also offers a complete range of training courses centered on its solutions.

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