Our customers in the world

Coheris equips its clients and adapts to their local specificities

Coheris abroad

To satisfy its many international customers, all Coheris solutions are multi-site and multilingual.

All Coheris software is natively developed in French and English. Because Coheris equips its clients and supports them in setting up their local specificities, the solutions can be translated into the language chosen by the client, whatever it is.

Coheris is thus able to facilitate the transfer of information through an international organization and to bring its employees closer together, regardless of the size, cultural dimension and geographical distance of its subsidiaries.

The flexibility combined with the trust of its customers has enabled coheris to install its CRM and Analytics solutions in more than 86 countries and to generate 20% of its turnover outside France.

Some examples

Social CRM in English

CRM Analytics EN - Coheris CRM Suite

CRM Nomad in Spanish

Coheris CRM Nomad Version ES

CRM in Mandarin

Version Chinois - Coheris CRM Suite