Coheris CRM suite: Customer Value at the heart of your Business Strategy

Coheris CRM suite offers an intuitive and complete solutions’ platform to effectively and optimally build, anticipate and monitor cross-channel customer relationship.

Coheris CRM suite, a web application easy to integrate with your information system

  • CRM analytics: Business Intelligence approach with your business KPIs and real-time monitoring.
  • Predictive CRM: advanced datamining algorithms and products recommendations.
  • Social CRM: Social interaction management via CRM.
  • Text mining: Non-structured data analysis and automatic requests classification.
  • Incoming mail: integrated light EDM.
  • Email: customer anteriority search.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI): interfaces with your call center solutions.



The CRM software you need to optimize your performance by exploring customer journey and experience

Through extended features, Coheris CRM suite offers a comprehensive solution to everyone within the company involved in customer relationship management, regardless of the activity.
Powerful and robust, it includes analytical CRM advanced features such as text mining, data visualization and data storytelling.

Customer Service

  • A complete multichannel vision of the activity: each customer request is processed equally, regardless of the channel: telephone, web, mail, social media, etc.
  • Compliance with specific business processes: automated response, request reassignment, automatic notifications/ alerts, commitment monitoring, etc.
  • Management indicators for real-time activity follow-up, which allows reorganizing teamwork.
  • Customer requests analysis and automatic classification (text mining).
  • Integration of social media posts in the customer service.
  • Recommendation engine for cross-sell assistance (Next Best Offer).
  • Business dashboards to follow-up KPIs.
CRM suite - zoom Channels
CRM suite - zoom Requests List
CRM suite - zoom clients per Channels

Sales Forces

  • Planning and sales activities follow-up: market research, agenda management, opportunity tracking, order taking, etc.
  • Automation of sales cycles and activities, alerts, customer dunning, etc.
  • Product and service offer management: catalogs, selling points, pricing, quotes, etc.
  • Sales force sectoring and targets for a real-time business performance monitoring.


  • Advanced capacities for segmentation and targeting of customer / prospects populations
  • Cross-channel campaign planning, execution and tracking: mailings, e-mailings, telemarketing, surveys, etc.
  • Feedback tracking and analysis for performance monitoring and ROI measurement.
  • Lead management: automatic assignment of opportunities to sales force

Innovative modules for an optimal proactivity

Listening to customer experience with Social CRM module

Connected to the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter…), the social module can be used on Coheris CRM or standalone on any other CRM. It allows you to read, qualify and convert Facebook posts into requests directly into the CRM. This results in considerable gain of time when processing social media messages. This module allows social interactions management through the CRM application while providing a unified vision of all customers’ claims and requests in the CRM.

Customer requests analysis and automatic classification

Coheris CRM includes a text mining module from the analytical solution Coheris SPAD Real-Time. This module, embedded with CRM, accelerates customer request processing when reading and classifying incoming messages: mails, web forms, Facebook or Twitter posts.

This new feature analyzes the customer message tone and automatically classifies them with a relevance rate. Through a machine-learning algorithm, the solution is gradually enriched, improving the relevance rate.

CRM Analytics and customer relationship management

Based on Coheris Analytics Liberty, its agile Business Intelligence solution, Coheris CRM suite integrates standard analyses and business dashboards, allowing supervisors to follow the most used KPIs in the customer service area and manage their performance.

The analytical CRM module responds to the most extended decision-making needs. It allows to go even further by creating and sharing all desired analyses.