Analytical CRM

Easily gain knowledge from your client data and drive efficiently your sales goals

Clear datas

and accessible for optimal decision-making.

CRM Analytics powers the analysis of the data collected during the client relation. It allows to develop a consistent sales and marketing strategy, and to strengthen your client knowledge.

Its approach is based on two cornerstones of Coheris expertise: Data Analytics (BI and datamining) and CRM . It is a key asset to improve the decision-making.

CRM Analytics coupled to other tools like Coheris Analytics Liberty and Coheris Analytics SPAD allows you to integrate assets from your information management systems, your data warehouse, your CRM and any other database.

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CRM Analytique

A collaborative CRM tool designed to monitor the client value

Agile Business Intelligence, Coheris Analytics Liberty, Coheris CRM integrate data analysis and business dashboards from which supervisors can monitor the most common KPIs based on the CRM data; drive business performance.

The CRM Analytics module addresses every decision-making issues. Its capacity extends beyond the creation and sharing of the analyzed data.

A business operational CRM designed for marketing analytics

Harness the flow of digital data to analyze it and retain the most meaningful knowledge to help you make the most of your client data, grow your business value and improve loyalty and your ROI.

What are the CRM capabilities in terms of Marketing Analytics? :

  • Rationalize your marketing costs with datamining and post-analyzes of marketing plans.
  • Determine your client segment and analyze product attractiveness to improve your target definition and create personalized marketing content.
  • Improve your campaigns’ efficiency and ensure the best conversion rates by identifying the best communication channels for your marketing content.
  • Optimize your products’ suitability with consumers’ expectations.
  • Build, one interaction at a time, a personalized client relationship to improve their loyalty.

A CRM project built to analyze the currently existing data and disseminate strategic information to your employees.

  • Drive more effectively your CRM activity.
  • Determine and understand your leads’ interest and take advantage of your business data to create more sales through cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Escalate process quality issues to the department capable of resolving it.
  • Monitor the team efficiency, understand their issues and set up actions to help them gain real expertise.

Improve the quality of the service offered to the client.

The CRM offers to your salesforce or call-center employees a user-friendly reporting tool:

  • Key indicators to drive sales and monitor business activity in real-time.
  • Graphic indicators with the volume of outdated and incoming claims of your client representatives.
  • A snapshot of the workload by group, representative, or consultant.
CRM Analytique - Social CRM

Simplicity & Accessibility

  • Omnicanality: social networks, emails and sms for a 360° customer vision.
  • Mobility and disconnected mode accessible in multi-device mode.
  • Easy integration into your IS with "On premise" or "Cloud" modes.

Compliant with the GDPR

  • Individual consent collection
  • Changes traceability
  • The data access right and the right to forget management

A Modular Solution

  • CRM tool adapted to Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Forces.
  • Complete and versatile CRM software for contact management, sales processes or customer support.
  • Scalable CRM solution thanks to the different compatible modules.

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