CRM Customer Service: A complete business view for better customer service agility

Customer service is a core activity for many organizations and especially the big ones. Boosted by digital transformation of customer experience and Big data, market is increasingly competitive, people become experts and retaining customers gets tough, yet, still remains a strategic added value to be handled with CRM solutions for companies.

As a Customer Relationship Management solution, Coheris CRM Customer Service helps you to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your customer relation center or call center.
  • Ensure the supplied service quality in any channel.
  • Capitalize on customer insight through an automated and simplified contact management.
  • Process incoming and outgoing contacts through multichannel supports with automatic analysis and classification of customer requests (text mining).
  • Structure your internal operational processes.
  • Optimize interactions and relationship with customers through the recommendation engine to help cross-selling (Next Best Offer).
  • Win new social media ambassadors.
  • Assess and analyze team expertise with KPIs.
  • Efficiently monitor your advisors activities through the business dashboards.

Create customer loyalty through a remote customer relationship that meets customer expectations

Coheris – who deeply knows the concerns of user experience through its activities of Customer Relationship Management – decided to develop a CRM solution dedicated to customer services. A solution that helps to value customer information, turn each prospect into an opportunity and maximize the competitive edge.

CRM Service Client - Zoom Tableau de bord

Structure your internal processes and monitor activities in real-time

Coheris CRM suite includes ready-to-use workflows adapting to your activity specifics. They ensure your business processes standardization and give your advisors the tool they need to deal with requests and delight customers in the process.

CRM Service client - Tickets

Optimize cross-channel interactions with customers and win brand ambassadors

Your teams equally handle mails, calls, emails and requests forms from your website.
Besides traditional channels encountered through the customer journey, you can access other live channels like the social-media outlets.

Through embedded social interactions and automatic classification, Coheris CRM allows you to:

  • Implement expert communities that offer on-demand consultation via the Facebook page of the company to foster customer engagement and interaction.
  • Value advisors mutual aid and contribute to their skills development by improving the flow to transfer savoir-faire.

Finally, Coheris tools dedicated to Customer Relationship are also an asset to your CRM Social strategy by offering connectors with major social media players to follow the opinions of your community fans and other members and therefore win new ambassadors.

Capitalize on customer insight and enjoy a 360-degree view of your customers

With the CRM tool for Customer Service offered by Coheris, your advisors get a global view of customer and prospect information regardless of the business approach – B2C, B2B or B2B2C. Summaries provide a gradual access to information based on the advisor need.

  • Tracking incoming and outgoing contacts represent the major asset of the customer relationship management software for B2C. When receiving claims or technical assistance requests; your after-sales service advisors can go through the customer products and subscribed contract. A detailed view of contact history allows tracking past and upcoming activities.
  • As to B2B approach, Coheris CRM Customer service gives your advisors the ability to master inter-company and multicontact networks. With its relational features, you can model relations through synthetic and graphical representation. For example, you become able to easily identify your customer parent company, known contacts and corresponding jobs.