Marketing CRM

Optimize the performance of your marketing activities and emailing campaigns

Manage your marketing actions

Coheris CRM Marketing helps you to:

  • Optimize your customer segmentation: CRM Marketing consolidates, enhances your databases and provides you all the targeting, scoring and segment qualifying features.
  • Value your CRM contact source by sharing a unified and transversal view of your customers and prospects with all your company players (sales force, product, customer service).
  • Make each contact a business opportunity: from lead generation to loyalty programs, the relational engine of Coheris CRM follows each step of the customer journey by personalizing offers and interactions for each customer.
  • Facilitate marketing campaigns on every channel: arrange operations, standardize requests while ensuring messages consistency either from the head office or network, and effectively monitor feedback conversion.
  • With CRM Marketing, make your campaigns definition, planning and setting up easier. Operation follow-up is handled until campaigns ROI computation.
  • The analytic CRM allows monitoring your strategic marketing by offering Coheris business intelligence tools for data measure, analysis and reporting to your marketing management.
  • Enhance your customer insight with CRM Social solution that connects to your social-media page and enables to automate posts and messages integration directly into your customer form.
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Service based functionalities for your business

Coheris CRM additional functionalities offer a comprehensive solution to support the work of client relations’ specialists for all businesses in every sector.



Targeting - Coheris CRM Marketing


Perform a relevant targeting

and effectively monitor your ROI with CRM Marketing tools

Coheris CRM Marketing tools combine customer information enriched by knowledge and intelligence with a powerful marketing engine: a solution that brings together all the useful data to perform a relevant targeting and gives you all the capacities to efficiently manage campaigns, from planning to ROI monitoring.


Marketing campaigns - Coheris CRM Suite

Marketing campaigns Follow-up



CRM software is an essential key to developing your marketing strategy. In increasingly competitive markets, with consumers changing rapidly in their purchasing habits (cross-channel), companies are confronted every day with major strategic challenges related to their development, loyalty and brand awareness.

The role of marketing teams is all the more crucial as they must have the appropriate tools to manage these operational programs and take advantage of them to optimize the return on investment. CRM Marketing then becomes essential for marketing departments. In line with the challenges of digital marketing, detecting, monitoring and satisfying customers as they progress is a major competitive advantage.


Marketing campaigns - Coheris CRM Suite

Marketing campaigns

Benefits from

CRM Marketing solution

  • Enhance customer value through a smart source of contacts and qualified leads.
  • Target and segment your customer information, analyze their expectations to convey the right message at the right time.
  • Boost your commercial business and retain customers.
  • Effectively monitor your multi-channel campaigns through automation and transparency capabilities.
  • Enjoy a real-time view over lead generation processes, opportunity detection, and your operations ROI with simple and quick dashboards.
  • Increase speed and efficiency to optimize time-to-market – actual competitive asset.

Innovative modules for optimal proactivity

Resolutely oriented towards social networks, Coheris CRM Suite allows companies to enter into a digital relationship and enrich their customer knowledge. Thanks to advanced analytics features with a textmining module (text analysis) and data visualization with an integrated BI module (Business Intelligence), users benefit from the latest innovations in CRM and analytics.


Social CRM

Ecran Agenda - Coheris CRM Nomad

The social messages monitoring within the Social module

Social CRM

listening to the customer experience

Connected to the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter…), the social module can be used on Coheris CRM or standalone on any other CRM.

It allows you to read, qualify and convert Facebook posts into requests directly into the CRM.

This module allows social interactions management through the CRM application while providing a unified vision of all customers’ claims and requests in the CRM.

CRM Textmining

CRM Text Mining - Module Email - Coheris CRM Suite

CRM Textmining

CRM Textmining

Customer requests analysis and automatic classification

Coheris CRM includes a text mining module produced from the analytical solution Coheris Spad Real-Time.

This module, embedded with CRM, accelerates customer request processing when reading and classifying incoming messages: mails, web forms, Facebook or Twitter posts.

This new feature analyzes the customer message tone and automatically classifies them with a relevance rate.

Through a marchine-learning algorithm, the solution is gradually enriched, improving the relevance rate.

CRM Analytics

CRM Analytique - Coheris CRM Suite

Customer service reporting

CRM Analytics

CRM analytics and customer relationship management

Based on Coheris Analytics Liberty, its agile Business Intelligence solution, Coheris CRM suite integrates standard analyses and business dashboards, allowing supervisors to follow the most used KPIs in the customer service area and manage their performance.

The analytical CRM module responds to the most extended decision-making needs. It allows to go even further by creating and sharing all desired analyses .

GDPR Text-Control module

Ecran RGPD Text-Control - Coheris CRM Suite

GDPR Text-Control screen

GDPR Text-Control

GDPR and processing of sensitive data:

The Coheris RGPD Text-Control software solution can be used on all your applications (CRM, ERP, HR, etc.) to: :

  • • Monitor the free text areas of these applications and avoid the input of so-called sensitive data (health, sex, political opinions, etc., referred to in Articles 9 and 10 of the DGPS, or subjective comments or value judgments).
  • Allow data controllers to control these risk areas that may affect their company’s compliance with the new DGPS regulations.

Data Quality

Ecran DQM - Coheris CRM Suite

Quality data module

Quality data

A module for quality data

The DQM module identifies, consolidates and deletes duplicates to provide accurate, complete and controlled reference data.

The simple and ergonomic interface allows optimal duplicate processing before merging.

The flexible and scalable configuration has been designed to facilitate the search for duplicates and define merger rules, in order to meet all contexts.

CRM Mobile

CRM Mobile - Coheris CRM Suite

A Mobile CRM – Compatible Multi-Device

Mobile CRM

A mobile CRM to access data wherever you are

 Do your teams use portable PCs, smartphones or tablets? With Coheris CRM suite, you meet new business challenges regarding new uses for mobile devices.

The solution allows all users to access and interact with their customer data. With CRM on smartphone or tablet, salespersons, technicians or other remote workers, have real-time access to key information in order to manage their daily actions such as activities monitoring.

Fiche client - Coheris CRM Suite

Access your data anywhere with Coheris CRM mobile application

Do your teams use a laptop, smartphone or tablet? Coheris CRM allows you to address the business challenges arising from the new mobile capabilities.

The solution provides users with the ability to access their client data and respond to interactions, share seamlessly information pertaining with the current sales, connect to other clients, be more efficient when working either from an office or on field, even without a network connection.

GDPR compliant functionalities integrated to the CRM

The General Data Protection Regulation is enforced since May 25th of 2018. Companies must now put in place measures to implement the personal data protection principles. Coheris CRM has implemented these principles in its software to help companies make their own business operations comply with GDPR provisions and requirements:

  • Collecting the individuals’ opt-in agreement.
  • Tracking modifications.
  • Process and control rights of access/data portability
  • Process and control the right to be forgotten
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Simplicity & Accessibility

  • Omnicanality: social networks, emails and sms for a 360° customer vision.
  • Mobility and disconnected mode accessible in multi-device mode.
  • Easy integration into your IS with "On premise" or "Cloud" modes.

Compliant with the GDPR

  • Individual consent collection
  • Changes traceability
  • Access right management to data and the right to forget

A modular solution

  • CRM tool adapted to Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Forces
  • Complete and versatile CRM software for contact management, sales processes or customer support
  • Scalable CRM solution thanks to the different compatible modules

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CRM Features

Sales Force CRM

CRM Forces de Vente : une Connaissance Client complète pour les commerciaux issue du partage/enregistrement d'informations tout au long du parcours client.

Customer Service CRM

La relation client devient un art difficile mais une valeur ajoutée stratégique à manier avec l’aide des solutions CRM Service Client.

Textmining CRM

Textmining CRM allows you to analyze and classify the important messages of your customers and prospects in order to gain reactivity and relevance.

Analytical CRM

Key step in developing a sales and marketing strategy as well as a good customer knowledge, analytical CRM is a decision aid.

Social CRM

Enhance consumer engagement, identify influencers throughout your industry, and find new business and marketing approaches.

Coheris CRM Suite

Coheris CRM offers a full-service platform to effectively and optimally build, anticipate and monitor cross-channel customer relationship.

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