CRM Marketing: Optimize the performance of your marketing activities and emailing campaigns

CRM software solution emerges as a key factor to expand your marketing strategy on any market. Every day companies face major strategic challenges regarding their development, brand reputation and loyalty in an increasingly competitive market with evolving purchasing behaviours (cross-channel).
As key players, Marketing teams must get the best adapted tools to manage and leverage operation programs to optimize ROI. So, CRM Marketing becomes essential to Marketing management. Like the digital marketing challenges, detecting, following and delighting customers throughout their journey is a major competitive asset.

Perform a relevant targeting and effectively monitor your ROI with CRM Marketing tools

Coheris CRM Marketing tools combine customer information enriched by knowledge and intelligence with a powerful marketing engine: a solution that brings together all the useful data to perform a relevant targeting and gives you all the capacities to efficiently manage campaigns, from planning to ROI monitoring.

As a solution for Marketing professions, Coheris supports you in operation and campaign management

Coheris CRM Marketing helps you to:

  • Optimize your customer segmentation: CRM Marketing consolidates, enhances your databases and provides you all the targeting, scoring and segment qualifying features.
  • Value your CRM contact source by sharing a unified and transversal view of your customers and prospects with all your company players (sales force, product, customer service).
  • Make each contact a business opportunity: from lead generation to loyalty programs, the relational engine of Coheris CRM follows each step of the customer journey by personalizing offers and interactions for each customer.
  • Facilitate marketing campaigns on every channel: arrange operations, standardize requests while ensuring messages consistency either from the head office or network, and effectively monitor feedback conversion.
  • With CRM Marketing, make your campaigns definition, planning and setting up easier. Operation follow-up is handled until campaigns ROI computation.
  • The analytic CRM allows monitoring your strategic marketing by offering Coheris business intelligence tools for data measure, analysis and reporting to your marketing management.
  • Enhance your customer insight with CRM Social solution that connects to your social-media page and enables to automate posts and messages integration directly into your customer form.
CRM iPad - Marketing

Advantages of the CRM Marketing solution

  • Enhance customer value through a smart source of contacts and qualified leads.
  • Target and segment your customer information, analyze their expectations to convey the right message at the right time.
  • Boost your commercial business and retain customers.
  • Effectively monitor your multi-channel campaigns through automation and transparency capabilities.
  • Enjoy a real-time view over lead generation processes, opportunity detection, and your operations ROI with simple and quick dashboards.
  • Increase speed and efficiency to optimize time-to-market – actual competitive asset.