CRM Sales force: Make every contact a business opportunity

With CRM Sales force solution, sales reps have a complete customer insight arising from the information shared/recorded during the various points of contact and interactions with other company departments throughout the customer journey.

Maintaining a single and up-to-date customer database improves sales follow-up and business policy implementation: prospection organization, calendar to schedule appointments, knowledge base for business negotiation, skills transfer regarding selling techniques to promote Up-selling and Cross-selling…

Simplify commercial management

Make CRM Sales force your multi-channel sales management solution to achieve your objectives in an increasingly competitive environment with evolving purchasing behaviors.
Based on its multiple customer experiences from different business sectors, Coheris has designed a CRM solution dedicated to sales force to face their daily challenges: easily share information about current commercial actions, connect with customers, and be efficient on site and in the field through mobility…

The Coheris sales force solution is the software expected by your sales team

This CRM software helps you to:

  • Simplify your reps activity with a smart, mobile and social CRM that keeps them focused on relevant actions and sales performance.
  • Seize each business opportunity to offer your potential customers valuable and differentiated experience and relationship: detect the relevant action, the best offer at the right time for the right interlocutor.
  • Optimize your campaigns from lead to deal across every channel as well as your marketing activities impact on your business strategy.
  • Fuel your pipe and revenue while ensuring the approval processes, expenses follow-up and discounts granted to customers.
  • Organize your business development through division and portfolio sales event
  • Optimize selling techniques by monitoring your teams sales prospection through relevant real-time dashboards.
  • Motivate your sales team to use best practices for relationship management to retain customers and prospects during commercial actions.

Advantages of the Sales force tool

  • Improve customer insight through a connected source of contacts and qualified leads.
  • Be proactive and relevant during each customer and prospect interaction to quickly close deals.
  • Enjoy a real-time visibility over sales processes and delivery, especially forecasts with simple and fast dashboards.
  • Boost productivity and sales efficiency to optimize time-to-market and conversion rate – actual competitive assets to win market share.
  • Reduce time to get started with the commercial tool through a simple and intuitive application helping new hires to quickly become effective.