CRM Text mining

Automatic analysis and classification of client requests.


To be more responsive to important messages.

Companies make available to their clients and prospects several communication channels: Phone, Mail, E-mail, Web, Chat, social networks…

Some channels, like emails or  social networksmay carry important messages, but are stored in free text fields that make it difficult to analyze them quickly.

Although client data are essential to improve business productivity, the amount of data to process from these channels has become a nightmare for businesses.

Among the most widely used analytical solutions, text mining allows to identify keywords and expressions left by prospects/clients.

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Textmining dans le module Email - Coheris CRM Suite

Save time on client requests and accelerate answering lead-time

The new version offers a text-mining module based on the Coheris SPAD Real-Time Analytics solution. This new module integrated in Coheris CRM speeds up the processing of client requests by reading and classifying the incoming messages: emails, web forms, Facebook posts or Tweets.
This tool automatically searches for the client’s file and returns it to the agent’s workstation, during an incoming telephone call or as the incoming email is being pushed to the CRM data linked to the client, if available. Otherwise, it creates a new file

Be more responsive to better serve your client and improve overall satisfaction
Increase the commitment of your Client Service representatives

Automatically send client requests to the right people

This new feature allows you to analyze the tone of client messages, and classify them automatically with a confidence rate. The self-learning algorithm enables the solution to enrich itself in as much the confidence rate improves.

This pre-qualification step of emails or incoming web forms makes it possible to automate the assignment of contact requests to your teams or to trigger an automated processing procedure to ease human labor.

Textmining dans le CRM - Coheris CRM Suite

CRM Textmining - Taux de Classement

A flexible functionality within a self-learning system

The possibility to adjust the settings based on:

  • CRM context,
  • Email inbox,
  • Returned form.

Possible adjustments

  • Email rejection rules (e.g. rejection of all messages containing
  • Automatic classification rules (text-mining).
  • Anteriority search rules for existing files.
  • Combining different searches, if necessary.
  • Updated, created elements: folder, request, task.
  • Task assignment rules.
  • Rules of safe receipt acknowledgement.

Simplicity & Accessibility

  • Omnicanality: social networks, emails and sms for a 360° customer vision.
  • Mobility and disconnected mode accessible in multi-device mode.
  • Easy integration into your IS with "On premise" or "Cloud" modes.

Compliant with the GDPR

  • Individual consent collection
  • Changes traceability
  • The right of access to data and the right to forget management.

A Modular Solution

  • Outil CRM adapté aux Service client, Forces de Vente et Marketing.
  • Logiciel CRM complet et polyvalent pour la gestion des contacts, processus de vente ou support client.
  • Solution CRM évolutive grâce aux différents modules compatibles.

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