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Reference software in Data Analysis
Data and Text Mining to transform your data into knowledge

Coheris Analytics SPAD: a reference software in Data analysis and Data Mining

In a friendly and intuitive environment, take advantage of all the power of Coheris Analytics SPAD to manage, explore and model your data.


Leverage your data with Coheris Analytics SPAD

  • Know the characteristics of your customers, define and identify the most strategic ones, treat your customers’ segments even more effectively.
  • Analyse the use of various communication channels, use the most suitable channel for your customers’ profile.
  • Follow and predict behaviors in order to maximise the value of your customers.
  • Improve the efficiency of actions for loyalty and the conquest of new customers.
  • Assess the efficiency of your products, determine the acceptability of new ones, and get their sense perception.
  • Reinforce the efficiency of your sales force.
  • Develop cross-selling and additional sales.
  • Analyse the sales throughout time and by points of sale, anticipate the stocks.
  • Keep your customers as long as possible and most of all, retain the most profitable.
  • Assess the customer risk, detect and prevent fraud.
  • Improve your production process: minimise non-compliant pieces, optimise your manufacturing settings, and identify the parameters influencing your production process.

A powerful and interactive graphical user interface

Coheris Analytics SPAD is the only software dedicated to Data Mining and Predictive analysis that provides a totally graphical and intuitive interface with so powerful features.

The Coheris Analytics SPAD interface includes four views:

  1. The “project” manager view, used to manage analysis, displays all the elements relative to current project.
  2. The “diagram” workspace, which enables you to graphically visualise the progress of each analysis step by step.
  3. The “methods” panel, which contains all the functionalities and methods of Coheris SPAD. Drag and drop a method into the diagram to use it.
  4. The “data” view displays interactively the data red or modified by the selected method: control and validate your data in real time.

A great methodological power

Coheris Analytics SPAD offers more than 70 methodologies that cover a large variety of needs in Data Analysis, Data Mining and Text Mining. A default configuration makes their implementation easier, as it suits the standard use but the expert can quickly and easily modify it.

The statistic methods are paired with various functions of access to the data, of data management and of industrialization that ensure you a full autonomy.

Finally, the power and capabilities of SPAD can be increased almost boundlessly with R and Python extensions.

Results immediately exploitable

All methods give results in tables automatically formatted in spreadsheet or in the web browser of your choice. Specific, highly elaborated and interactive charts (factorial plans, decision trees, importance/satisfaction matrix, scores…) enable you to make smart highlights to better communicate your analysis results. Various guides are available to help you interpret your results in detail.

Discover data mining software features available in Coheris Analytics SPAD packages:


SPAD Profiling SPAD
Data Mining
SPAD Intégral
Data Management
Descriptive statistics and tests
Factorial analysis and typologies
Statistical modelling
Data Mining algorithms
Text Mining

Data Mining software Coheris Analytics SPAD allows you to identify strategical informations through huge amount of data in order to make decision

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