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Install this 30-day free version and see for yourself the robustness of our Data Mining solution empowered by Coheris Analytics SPAD.

We provide a concrete research case for you to explore the intuitive graphical interface of our solution through robust features including data management, descriptive and predictive analyses.

After a quick getting started, you will be able to build diagrams and discover all the features offered by SPAD through over 20 supplied data sets.

As a reminder, it is not possible to import your own data into the demo version.

Get the most of your datas

  • Customer, subscriber, administered datas...
  • Survey data
  • HR data
  • Industrial data

3 complementary approaches

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Predictive Analysis and Data Mining
  • Text Mining

Benefits of the solution

  • Intuitive ergonomics (no programming)
  • Power of its calculation engine
  • Ease of use and handling
  • Quality of representation of results (graphs and Excel)

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