Coheris SPAD Real-Time
Predictive analysis and real-time recommendation

Enhance your company DATA asset with predictive analysis and real-time recommendation

  • Be proactive with predictive analysis and machine-learning recommendation models.
  • Adjust your processes with real-time indicators and trigger instant actions to optimize each opportunity value.
  • Increase your decisions reliability by relying on fresh data.

Real-time decisions and actions with Coheris SPAD Real-Time

Coheris SPAD Real-Time is a solution integrating predictive analysis and machine-learning recommendation models to analyze your data and improve your company global responsiveness.

This solution includes great datamining features with several predictive models and fulfills all your business needs regardless of what kind of business or industry you are in (bank, insurance, retail, industry, marketing, customer service, sales, etc.).

Coheris SPAD Real-Time provides an offer for datamining non-experts users. It proposes three machine-learning predictive models: recommendation, text mining, and scoring. Such models can be tailored and developed based on each customer needs for different purposes: customization, campaign segmentation/targeting, product recommendation, credit scoring, client scoring, verbatim analysis, etc.

With Coheris SPAD Real-Time, you can deploy models and predictive strategies, and automate your decision-making processes while maintaining control. Companies gain agility and speed of action, and thus improve their performance.

Coheris SPAD Real-Time automatically learns from each event and autonomously updates its predictive models in real time

Key Strengths :

  • Solution simplicity: User-friendly monitoring and modelling testing interface.
  • Model diversity: Several models allow you to address each need and provide solutions to different issues.
  • Reliability: Models result from Coheris Spad, a proven solution for over 20 years. Possibility to check the prediction reliability at any time.
  • Real-Time: Real-time response to requests on-the-fly enrichment of data with indicators resulting from data mining.
  • Volume: Ability to analyze a wide range of data, support considerable volumes and provide real-time responses.


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