Merchandising software

Supports your merchandising strategy

Create a winning Merchandising strategy

It supports the negotiation, the decision-making and the growth of your visibility in a retail and selective distribution environment.

In an unpredictable economic environment and highly competitive market: the price war, the incentive pressure or cost reduction are not anymore the only solutions available in order to ensure profitable sales margins, maintain turnover and keep market shares. Suppliers and distributors must collaborate to promote the operational excellence in every PoS. It is essential to give consumers an adequate response. Offering the right combination requires to have both an efficient merchandising and a relevant management of the shelf line-up to ensure breakouts or downsizes are limited.

Coheris CRM Merch is a tool that suits every actor in merchandising to support the negotiation and the decision-making. It allows to: optimize the shelf line-up, push your product visibility, boost your sales and grow your market shares.

Ecran vidéo produit

Simulate the shelf line-up

Ecran simulation du linéaire - Coheris CRM Merch

Simulate the shelf line-up screen

Simulate the shelf line-up

and value the offer

To raise the product category value, you need to have full command of the way the consumer reads the shelf line-up, trigger an impulse purchase, and drive traffic to the PoS. Indeed, the product will standalone when selling in the PoS. Therefore, the consumer shall find and understand the offer by himself/herself.

Coheris CRM Merch allows you to mock test the organization of the shelf line-up by taking into account the decision making tree of the consumer, the performances of several product groups, whilst adding the distributor’s management requirements.

You can support your set-up recommendation with the display of tagging items and cross-merchandising fixtures. The user moves around the PoS showing in 3D, see the point of sale advertising, the gondola units and other promotional fixtures to experience the shelf line-up as the consumer see it.

Operational execution

Point of sale use - Coheris CRM Merch

Point of sale use

Operational execution

in point of sale

Coheris CRM Merch allows you to send your set-up recommendations to your teams on field to ensure the local displays and merchandisers are adapted.

You can easily adjust your set-up recommendations to each PoS by taking into account the local conditions in terms of shelf line-up, assortment, and performance requirements. You can edit each PowerPoint presentations with data relevant with the key aspects of your merchandising strategy, in order to personalize your message to each PoS.

The merchandising software is compatible with Coheris CRM Trade, Sales Force Automation by Coheris, designed for the same companies.

The shelf line-up on field sent to the sales team is compared with the agreed store planograms to find all the differences. The set-up of the shelf line-up can thus be modified to optimize the global sales performance at low cost.

Performance analysis

Ecran d'aide à la décision Assortiment - Coheris CRM Merch

Screen decision support of assortment

Performance analysis

the sales performance of your teams

The Merchandising software offers the tools to let you take advantage of the analysis results in order to optimize your set-up recommendations. You can measure in real-time the impact of your actions on the go, as you prepare or adjust your planogram according to the monitored KPIs.

You determine the assortment differences (compared to a drawing or store map) in one click to be able to take immediate action on the product display. You work seamlessly to leverage the action by comparing the different information resources (PoS data, market data, on field map reviews).

Benefits of the solution

  • Ensure implementation of the merchandising strategy.
  • Improve productivity and efficiency by quickly adjusting your strategy to the PoS.
  • Reduce costs and grow the category turnover.
  • Improve suppliers and distributors collaboration.
  • Monitor and control actions carried out in points of sale.

Merchandising features

  • Full and consistent information.
  • Global organization of the PoS.
  • Automatic generation of planograms.
  • Staging sales environment.
  • Online collaborative work.

Planograms optimization & analysis

  • Easily identify the means of action : plans, market data, etc.
  • Optimize the range and space of the shelf line-up to your constraints.
  • Highlight the assortment differences.
  • Analyze the PoS environment and spread information.
  • Drive teams based on goals set for shelf line-up shares, visibility and performance.

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