Social CRM

Take advantage of social media exchange to invigorate your CRM.

SCRM ou Social CRM

is one of the challenges born from the evolution of digital marketing, which tends to run a social marketing approach as brand communities rise on social networks.

Coheris, a software expert in customer relationship management, offers a CRM solution to support this sales strategy and capture new data from these conversational channels to feed the CRM.

This CRM tool  promotes the client engagement through social conversation to improve client support, client relationship and client satisfaction. It also helps to identify influencers in your industry and develop a new business and marketing approach.

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CRM Analytique - Social CRM

Be more responsive on social networks and defuse bad buzz

Connected to the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn …), the social module allows you to read, qualify, measure and convert Facebook posts to log them as requests directly into your CRM software. The result is a significant time saving to process social messages for client support needs.

This module fits in perfectly with the new strategies of digital marketing and customer relationship management and enables the monitoring of social interactions through the CRM, with dashboards offering a single view of all the customer requests and claims in the database of your CRM.

An application to support CRM through social interaction:

  • Read the publications, comments and private messages from your customers and prospects aggregated in a single place in real time.
  • Text mining messages to categorize them automatically.
  • Possibility to interact on social media directly from the tool to streamline client relationship.
  • Social web integration in the CRM to personalize communications and build a relationship based on mutual confidence
  • Tag your promoters and detractors to identify them quickly and collaborate with them.
  • Define the best practices of your teams on the various social platforms to engage with your fans and optimize their motivation and loyalty on social media.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your viral marketing campaigns by relieving your community manager of support and customer service actions.

Standard integration with the CRM or available as a Standalone application

Coheris Social module, integrated to the CRM or as a standalone solution, is a key asset to manage the interactions of your Facebook pages.

We provide the API to integrate data into any CRM or web application.

Finally, the Coheris SCRM App Server is available in a SAAS or On Premise configuration to allow access to all your employees, anywhere.

CRM Social - Paramétrage

Simplicity & Accessibility

  • Omnicanality: social networks, emails and sms for a 360° customer vision.
  • Mobility and disconnected mode accessible in multi-device mode.
  • Easy integration into your IS with "On premise" or "Cloud" modes.

Compliant with the GDPR

  • Individual consent collection
  • Changes traceability
  • The right of access to data and the right to forget management.

A Modular Solution

  • Outil CRM adapté aux Service client, Forces de Vente et Marketing.
  • Logiciel CRM complet et polyvalent pour la gestion des contacts, processus de vente ou support client.
  • Solution CRM évolutive grâce aux différents modules compatibles.

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