Jacques Soumeillan, CEO of Cameleon Software, that publishes an offer definition, tariff and quote generation solution, gives us his views on online quotation in the health insurance sector.

What according to you does the online quotation approach mean for Health Insurance?

Today, the health domain is the archetype of this type of problems. Health insurers have precise and concrete challenges. The first includes having the correct offer with respect to the specific requirements of clients. These requirements are more diverse but the players today are more able to provide differentiated solutions than in the past.  The second challenge is to have more cross-selling and up-selling.

The sales approach must be perfectly multichannel.

The tariff logic associated with these points prompt asking oneself the right questions: How can I prepare these offers quickly? How do I launch them in the market? How do I change and diversify them?

At what point does the “online” dimension act as a catalyst for these challenges?

There is a “new reality” of the Internet. The field is very competitive, it is difficult to have visibility and yet it is necessary to be very responsive. I also think that the customers are becoming smarter. They need access to simulations on the Internet in order to test the products without any marketing pressure.

At the level of defining the offer, there obviously are differences between the issues related to capturing the market, where it is necessary to win over Internet users, and service to the existing clients. The second point must not be ignored: most people already have a mutual insurance company and will start by thinking about what it has to offer while changing the cover.

The conquest requires a simple, direct and effective approach.

The response to subscribers is rather focused on the exhaustiveness and simulation required to enable clients to make up their minds.

To achieve a good result, a mutual insurance company requires tools that can change the offers in keeping with a market that has become very dynamic. The reactions must certainly no longer be in years as before, but in months or weeks.