Une analyse inédite des éditeurs de solutions pour les forces de vente nomades au niveau mondial.

Cette étude a été réalisée pour la première fois par l’Institut Optimization Promotion (POI). 75 entreprises de biens de grande consommation de différentes tailles ont été interrogées, pour aider ses membres à améliorer les process en magasin grâce à l’utilisation des nouvelles technologies. Cette analyse a permis d’évaluer le marché des solutions pour les forces de vente nomades et les nombreux partenaires distributeurs. Au regard des résultats, il a été décidé que cette analyse serait reconduite chaque année, afin de suivre les évolutions de cette étude mais aussi des enquêtes connexes.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous l’analyse concernant la solution Coheris CRM Nomad.

Coheris évalué au dessus de la moyenne des éditeurs dans le POI Retail Execution Vendor Panorama 2016.

POI Best-in-Class for both Retail Activity Optimization and Coaching.

Coheris – www.coheris.com

Profile: A Europe-centric vendor with a robust field sales automation offering and a focus on merchandising/shelf management for consumer goods companies with typically less than 300 users. Recent efforts have centered on being able to conform to underlying business processes while reducing low value tasks. Coheris is listed on the Euronext Stock Exchange.

Geographic presence: Latin America (1%), Europe (98%), and Asia/Pacific (1%).

Total consumer goods users (seats): 4,342.

Tiers represented: All tiers.

Solution offerings: Merchandising and distributor management.

Major product sub-segments not covered: Tobacco.

Analytics: Offers embedded BI tools including visualization, pre-built OLAP cubes, and data

mining and predictive modeling. Usability of analytics is ergonomic and graphical representation is extensive. Overall, we rate it as Above Average. In particular, we found the report builder in the “Liberty” BI tool to be very intuitive and easy to use. It even has the ability to suggest the best way to visually represent the data based on what is selected.

Configuration/Customization: Coheris offers both configuration and customization if required to create a unique instance of the solution. Configuration is achieved through Microsoft system administration tools.

Technology architecture/delivery options: On-premise and hosted/private cloud. No plans yet disclosed for multi-tenant SaaS.

Service partners: Everis Italy, Business & Decision.

Technology partners: Microsoft (Gold Partner), Trax, Tilbury, and Nowledge (sales book capabilities), Mapquest.

User experience: We rate as Above Average. UI is a tile-based orientation and is flow-based for seeing the list of stores, understanding which stores to visit through KPIs, and executing to complete promotions or increase share of shelf. Noteworthy are the shelf and store simulation tools, which are very rich and engaging. The desktop version has been enhanced and is Above Average. It features the ability to do visual analysis by region or country as a drill-down on a map, pre-built insight and KPI reports, and is user friendly.

Vendor trend: Coheris has increased its market penetration in Europe while shedding users in outlying markets. We attribute much of this to improved user experience and the importance of shelf visualization capabilities, which it has incorporated well ahead of demand.

Strengths: It is one of the first companies to be able to perform complex pricing functions on a mobile device while in disconnected mode. It has in-depth best practices and an ability to bring them to bear in concert with clients that are relatively new to automating business practices. The combination of transactional retail execution plus analytics and store/shelf visualization continues to be a strength.

Adjacent offerings: Selling to pharmacies, automatic planogram creation, call center integration, POS data cleansing and management, shelf visualization, and predictive modeling through its Spad solution.

Key differentiators: Shelf visualization in 3D, predictive modeling, integration of high quality images for selling point of sales concepts such as display modules, strong guided selling based on individual store needs.

Outlook & prognosis: Coheris has been a player for 20 years, and will continue to be so in Europe, but will continue to struggle to establish a global presence.

Evaluate Coheris when: You seek excellent retail execution capabilities in Europe, when a focus on shelf visualization and management are key, and when you want deep industry expertise that combines technology and business practice.